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June 4, 2015

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – The Gov’t has Reduced Filing Fees ?

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rws_high_resby Robert W. Sacoff, Partner

The big news (this will sound a little wonky, but you really should know it) is that the USPTO has just recently (effective January 17, 2015) reduced certain trademark filing fees.  How often does that happen ?

Previously, the government fee for the filing mode most commonly used, TEAS, was $325 per class, for an electronic filing. Paper filing is still possible, at a higher fee, $375 per class, but hardly anybody does it any more.  Many applicants eschewed the “TEAS PLUS” option, even though it had and still has a lower filing fee (previously $275, reduced now to $225, per class) because it handcuffs you to using only the exact wording for the goods and services that comes straight out of the Acceptable ID Manual, which can be problematic for all but the simplest product descriptions.  But now, the USPTO has created a new filing mode, called TEAS RF, for Trademark Electronic Application System Reduced Fee (they do love their acronyms), which is an attractive hybrid.  It lowers the filing fee to $275 per class, and requires only that you do what you probably do anyway, like file everything electronically, provide an email address, and agree to email communications with the USPTO. It does not restrict you to using the exact ID Manual terminology like the TEAS PLUS option still does. USPTO data since January shows the desired results: “regular” TEAS applications have dropped, TEAS RF applications have increased, and overall efficiency has improved. See the Director’s Forum blog post of May 29, 2015 at

The recent rulemaking also reduced the renewal filing fee from $400 to $300 per class.  You will still have to file a Section 8 Declaration of Use when you renew (the procedure was bifurcated previously to comply with the TLT, Trademark Law Treaty), and the Section 8 filing fee is still $100 per class.

The filing options, fees and requirements are laid out in a nice USPTO chart at

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